About us

Hi, I'm John Chase, founder and principal of SOPPLAN.com 

I love working with people, helping them to decide what they need to achieve in their businesses and then giving them the tools and skills to make it happen. What could be more satisfying than to help a team to learn and grow and then to mentor them as they achieve results that have eluded them in the past?

SOPPLAN certainly is no corporate juggernaut. It consists of me, my team of software developers based in India and my network of associates. The companies that we work with, find that a real plus. We can provide as much or as little support as they need, without pressure to keep a squad of junior consultants employed.

I live in Auckland, New Zealand. In today's world though, location is almost irrelevant. By travelling when appropriate, working with partners and supplementing on-site visits with collaboration tools we serve customers anywhere.

Our contribution to your business will probably start with a focus on education, planning and design. That often involves a period of on-site, in-person meetings, workshops and training sessions. Over time though much of the work can be done using videoconferences, e-mail and online tools.

John Chase

Principal of SOPPLAN

Sales and Operations Planning is my passion. I have been involved in S&OP since the early 1980’s, even before the name moved into common usage. My first involvement included sales forecasting, production planning, managing inventories and improving manufacturing processes for a fruit cannery, an apparel manufacturer and metal packaging company.

Since that time I have worked as a hands-on consultant to companies in the food and dairy, agricultural produce, automotive, steel-making, petrochemical, mining, consumer goods and telecommunications industries. I have worked with companies in Australasia, Southeast Asia, North America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. I have enjoyed the privilege  of leading the Supply Chain Management teams in two major consulting firms - Ernst & Young and KPMG Consulting (BearingPoint).

S&OP isn't an island. My experience in S&OP is rounded-out by practical involvement in Lean manufacturing and knowledge of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Supply Chain Planning systems for manufacturing businesses.

Most of of the companies that I have served are small and medium sized manufacturing businesses and business units of larger corporates.

In working with clients I often find that their existing systems for forecasting sales and  planning production don't meet their needs. Most of the available alternatives are costly, slow to implement and contain features that they are never likely to use. My first response to this problem was to build Excel-based spreadsheet solutions. While these were intended as prototypes, intended to be replaced with purchased applications - they proved very effective and most are still in service.

Having identified the need for simple, quickly implemented systems to support the S&OP process, I started to develop a range of web-based applications for forecasting, planning, reporting and to manage the meetings, tasks and decisions in the S&OP process. After several years of beta testing the Sales Forecasting application, mysopplan.com will soon be released and the remaining modules will be offered through the course of 2017.


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