Efficient sales forecasting

Let us help your team to spend less time forecasting and deliver better forecasts :

  • Focus on the right forecasts.
  • Contribute market intelligence quickly and easily.
  • Automate forecasting for most products.
  • Set targets and measure forecast accuracy.
  • Produce reports that drive the right decisions.
  • Reduce the administration workload.

You can expect:

A sales forecasting process that:

  • Efficiently collects market intelligence.
  • Reviews and updates your sales forecasts each month.
  • Automates routine forecasts.
  • Minimizes administration.


KPI's and reports that:

  • Measure forecast accuracy.
  • Show the value added by your forecasting process.
  • Provide objective targets for forecast accuracy.


Continuous improvement that:

  • Measures the cost of forecast inaccuracies to your business.
  • Identifies the forecast improvements that most improve business performance.
  • Produces realistic plans and targets for improvement.


We deliver the results through an inclusive, transparent process:

You know your business and your industry. We are experts in Supply Chain Management and Sales Forecasting, together we design your Sales Forecasting process. By combining your knowledge with ours we produce the best possible outcome.

Develop the sales forecasting process

We provide you with the right information, tools and support to make the improvements:

You want a more effective sales forecasting process and you know that you need some help. You also don’t want outsiders in your business any more than necessary. We understand! We provide the right support to your team when they need it, how they need it.

Every business faces its own unique challenges. We can help you to overcome many of these using phone calls, teleconferences and e-mails. We are also willing to make on-site visits, wherever you are located.

We offer to conduct regular progress checks, usually at six-monthly intervals. These provide feedback on your progress, keep you focused on the right areas and help you to maintain a steady pace of improvement.

Use any capable sales forecasting system:


80% of businesses use spreadsheets to forecast sales:

  • Spreadsheets typically present forecasters with a table of data.
  • That makes it difficult to see patterns and trends.
  • Forecasting is time consuming and error-prone.
  • Months may go by without the forecasts being reviewed and updated.
  • The whole process requires a great deal of administration.


A sales forecasting system can speed-up forecasting and improve accuracy:

  • Systems handle the mechanics of the forecasting process.
  • Forecasters can focus on adding real market intelligence.
  • Statistical forecasts provide an objective starting point.
  • You can measure forecast accuracy.
  • Forecasts tend to be more stable month-to-month.

You have many options:

  • Many forecasting systems are available.
  • If you already have a forecasting system, our approach will help you to use it better.
  • Otherwise we provide tools and methods to help you select the right system for your needs.
  • We also offer mysopplan.com, our own system that supports best practise.

Efficient Sales Forecasting is for you if ....

This program is suitable for your business if most of the following are true:

  • It is a manufacturing, wholesaling or distribution business.
  • It has been in operation for 4 years or longer.
  • It is a stand-alone business or a business-unit within a corporate.
  • It serves consumers or other businesses.
  • It makes sales of $5 million per year or more. There is no upper limit.
  • It sells at least 20 products. There is no upper limit.
  • Your management team has the authority to plan and implement improvements to your processes and systems.
  • You have access to the data in the business systems.

Our knowledge and experience complements that of your team.

This program is offered by SOPPLAN and is led by John Chase. John has over 30 years of experience in practical Supply Chain Management including:

  • Sales Forecasting and Demand Planning
  • Sales and Operations Planning
  • Inventory Management
  • Purchasing and Procurement
  • Production Planning
  • Lean Manufacturing

Contact John by e-mail at [email protected] or by phone at (New Zealand) 021 873 207

What our clients say:

I have engaged John on numerous projects over the last 8 years to lead change in S&OP and continous improvement programs where I have found him to be extremely knowledgeable and credible. I have come to think of him more as a business partner than consultant. I especially value his broad business knowledge and ability to cut to the things that matter for tangible benefits
Brendhan Greaney
Chief Executive Officer, The TATUA Co-operative Dairy Company Ltd
John has been instrumental in our journey to build and implement an S&OP process. His approach is a perfect blend of academic and pragmatic with the view to build the right organization together with the right level of people capability to support the Client's compelling business need. I am privileged to have worked with him and would definitely recommend him to any major Supply Chain reinvention project.
Sandor Rizner
ex General Manager Supply Chain, Westland Milk Products
John provides excellent guidance and expertise in S&OP implementation. From analysis the current position through to process mapping, and ultimately implementing the right tools for us
Sean Kelly
Chief Executive Officer, Hubbard Foods
John applies his knowledge of supply chain theory and his experience in other industries and works well with our people to achieve excellent outcomes very cost effectively. We find John to be a very good partner
Lain Jager
Chief Executive Officer, Zespri International
John has an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of Sales & Operations Planning, and the ability & experience to make SOP fit & work the way that best suits an organisation. He has a wealth of different industry experience which he is happy to share with his clients.
Ralph Blackburn
ex Chief Financial Officer, Prolife Foods