A team building experience that could change your business forever

  • Build greater understanding between sales, marketing, operations, finance and supply chain
  • Design your Supply Chain to support your Business Strategy
  • Experience the power of Sales and Operations Planning
  • Improve your reporting and use of data to support better decisions
  • Understand the root causes of inventory, and ways to reduce your stock levels
  • Manage trade-offs to optimize the performance of your Supply Chain
The Fresh Connection. The ultimate value chain experience

The Fresh Connection uses a realistic business simulation to deliver a powerful learning experience

  • Your participants work in teams of four to turn around a struggling manufacturing business.
  • Representing the Sales, Operations, Purchasing and Supply Chain functions they work together to improve the company's customer service levels, profitability and ultimately, it's return on investment.
  • Teams progress through a number of "rounds" each representing 6 months of real-world operation. They consider realistic scenarios, analyze data and then make the tactical and strategic decisions that decide the business's performance in the next period.
  • Under the guidance of our experienced facilitator, they analyze the results and understand the causes and effects.
  • Your team will learn about the workings of the supply chain, the role of each business function and practical ways to improve communication and collaboration between departments.

Apply the learnings to your own business and formulate your action plan

The workshop includes sessions for your team to work together, under the guidance of our facilitator to:

  • Identify the high priority Supply Chain improvements that deliver the greatest benefit to your business
  • Understand best practice in those areas
  • Formulate an action plan to implement the changes and achieve the required outcomes
  • Measure and report performance and track the improvements
  • Consider the impacts on stakeholders and formulate change management and communication plans
  • Understand risks and external influences that must be managed to ensure success

In shared  workshops the facilitator will provide assistance to all groups. We limit shared workshops to a maximum of 5 teams.

Our facilitator is available to provide expert advice in areas such as:

  • Supply Chain strategy and design
  • Supply Chain organization, roles and accountabilities
  • Sales and Operations Planning
  • Sales Forecasting and Demand Planning
  • Inventory planning and management
  • Master Planning and scheduling
  • Procurement strategies
  • Defining your service levels and service promise
  • KPI measurements and reporting
  • Delivering value from your ERP and Planning systems
  • Design of your Lean Manufacturing programme and integration with the rest of the supply chain
  • Continuous improvement processes and problem solving programmes


Since 2008, The Fresh Connection has been experienced by more than 12,000 professionals in 600 companies across the world.

      • Fortune Global 500: 40% of the top 100 manufacturing businesses are using TFC
      • Gartners Supply Chain Top 25: Over 50% are using TFC
      • Global top 10 of 3rd Party Logistics Providers: 40% are using TFC
Logos of The Fresh Connection Clients - new
For the past few years we have used The Fresh Connection as part of our teambuilding and education programme. It vividly demonstrates the dependencies between the various parts of the business and provides a great tool for teambuilding. We also use The Fresh Connection in collaborating with key customers. Joint Mainfreight – Customer workshops provide a practical demonstration of the value that can be achieved by working together. They also produce practical ideas for making improvements that benefit both parties.
Shayne Porter
National Business Development Manager, Mainfreight NZ
The Fresh Connection is a challenging test of decision making, commercial awareness and learning agility that requires each individual to understand the impact of their role and actions on the profitability of the whole business"
Adam Lockwood
Supply Development Manager, Mars UK
The Fresh Connection is a valuable tool for developing cross functional partnerships with key stakeholders in the value chain; focused on driving profitability through collaboration to achieve a common vision allowing alignment of functional goals to meet company objectives. The keys to success are: education, behavioral change, team work, collaboration and partnership-all values which are entrenched in The Fresh Connection.
Parker Kapp
Chief Supply Chain Officer, Philip Morris Australia

Use The Fresh Connection in your company :

  • As a great team-building experience
  • As the introduction to your Strategic Planning process
  • To launch or reinvigorate your S&OP process
  • To support your Information Systems implementation or upgrade
  • With customers or suppliers to support collaboration and integration of your supply chains
  • To grow your team's Supply Chain capabilities
  • To generate new ideas for improving business performance

Contact us to arrange an in-house workshop designed to meet your business requirements

... or participate in a shared workshop:

Anybody that makes decisions that affect the performance of your supply chain should experience The Fresh Connection.

  • Your Chief Executive and Chief Operating Officer
  • Functional heads of Sales, Marketing, Product Development, Quality, Finance, Supply Chain, Operations and 0Procurement
  • Sales and Operations Planning Manager
  • Production planners, demand planners and analysts
  • Anybody involved in your S&OP process
  • Leaders of your Lean Manufacturing, Operational Excellence programme
  • Business analysts and IT professionals involved in supporting your ERP, Business Intelligence and Supply Chain Planning systems
  • Project managers and consultants working with your team

Take part in one of our public shared workshops. We suggest that you send a team of four to gain the greatest benefit.

Your facilitator:

John Chase is the facilitator for your in-house or shared workshop.

John is a veteran Supply Chain Manager and Consultant with over 30 years of experience in helping businesses to improve their Supply Chain and Manufacturing performance. He works with companies in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. John brings a practical approach and a strong focus on applying the workshop learnings to achieve real-world performance improvements.

John Chase - specialist in Sales and Operations Planning
John provides excellent guidance and expertise in S&OP implementation. From analysis the current position through to process mapping, and ultimately implementing the right tools for us.
Sean Kelly
Chief Executive Officer, Hubbard Foods
John applies his knowledge of supply chain theory and his experience in other industries and works well with our people to achieve excellent outcomes very cost effectively. We find John to be a very good partner
Lain Jager
Chief Executive Officer, Zespri International
John has an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of Sales & Operations Planning, and the ability & experience to make SOP fit & work the way that best suits an organisation. He has a wealth of different industry experience which he is happy to share with his clients.
Ralph Blackburn
ex Chief Financial Officer, Prolife Foods